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Tom Ford Designer Prescription Glasses Frames 2012


Tom Ford is one of the most iconic and influential designers of our time and founded his label in 2004 following his roles at Gucci and YSL, which helped to establish him as a major player in the fashion industry. Tom Ford is renowned not only for his incredible talent as a designer and director, but also as a charismatic and energetic individual. His collections, including the range of Tom Ford glasses are exceptionally sought-after in the industry and are the perfect way for each individual to luxuriously express their style and personality.

Tom Ford maintains a passion for the 1950’s and 60’s, which is certainly evident in the collection of Tom Ford glasses. This inspiration is conveyed in Ford’s film ‘A Single Man’ whereby Colin Firth’s notable accessory was a pair of thick acetate glasses that were an incredibly popular style of the time and are now making a firm revival on the current style scene.

The collection of Tom Ford glasses comprise of designs for men and women and feature an array of models, some of which are boldly overstated in true Tom Ford style whereas others are demure and simple in aesthetic. A selection of the styles for ladies are again, highly retro inspired with sultry and feline cat-eye shaped frames that are perfect for making a style impact and completely capture the 1950’s Hollywood icon style, but infusing the essence of 21st century elegance. The signature Tom Ford T-bar detailing is displayed over the temple on many of the Tom Ford glasses designs and other examples of fine ornate twists include sleek metal hinge detailing, temple metal accents and the use of exquisite colour and pattern.

The Tom Ford glasses collection perfectly depicts the essence of luxury style and each pair are designed to make a statement about the wearer in addition to boasting only the most innovative manufacturing methods, high quality materials and superior craftsmanship. Tom Ford is one of the most iconic designers in the fashion industry and a pair of glasses from the collection will allow you to infuse a sense of the fun, chic and exceptional Tom Ford style to your everyday look.