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Akoni Sunglasses and Glasses

Available at City Specs Opticians Manchester

Resilient Frames

Akoni sunglasses and glasses: resilient frames crafted from premium materials ensure durability and hypoallergic comfort.

Understated Design

Akoni frames: Minimal logos, sleek silhouettes, inspired by luxury heirlooms, crafted with timeless elegance.

Intelligent Luxury

Seamlessly blending Japanese craftsmanship and innovation, merging classic design with cutting-edge technology for excellence.

Competitive pricing

Competitive pricing on Akoni Glasses and Sunglasses at City Specs Opticians Manchester ensures luxury affordability for all.

Akoni Sunglasses

Crafted with unwavering dedication, Akoni Sunglasses boast resilient frames designed for a lifetime. Utilizing premium materials like Japanese Cellulose Acetate and titanium, each pair embodies quality and craftsmanship. Lightweight ceramic nose pads ensure comfort, reflecting Akoni’s commitment to excellence in eyewear design.

Akoni Optical Glasses

Akoni Optical Glasses epitomize understated elegance with sleek silhouettes and meticulous detailing. Free from ostentatious logos, each frame exudes timeless sophistication, drawing attention to fine craftsmanship. Inspired by luxury accessories, Akoni frames offer a subtle yet distinct allure, blending classic design with contemporary refinement for discerning wearers.

Akoni Collections

Akoni Collections blend timeless elegance with engineering innovation, drawing inspiration from luxury heirlooms. Each frame showcases intricate detailing and superior craftsmanship, reflecting the brand’s commitment to intelligent luxury. With a fusion of Japanese craftsmanship and cutting-edge materials, Akoni frames embody sophistication and enduring quality.


Optima redefines eyewear with revolutionary styles, limited availability, and exceptional craftsmanship.


Eco-friendly, celestial-inspired styles named after constellations.


Titanium strength meets eco-friendly cellulose acetate elegance.


Named for iconic space programs, embodying precision and exploration.

Lens for Akoni Prescription Glasses

Pair your Akoni glasses frames with premium prescription lenses from Essilor, ZEISS, NIKON, or RODENSTOCK. Need help choosing? Contact us.

City Specs Opticians authorised retailer in Manchester

Established in 2010, we’re Manchester’s authorised Akoni eyewear retailer, providing the latest in designer fashion and prescription eyewear. Discover Akoni Glasses and Sunglasses at City Specs Opticians Manchester.