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DITA Sunglasses and Glasses

Available at City Specs Opticians Manchester

Expert Craftsmanship

DITA eyewear: Over a century of master craftsmanship ensures unmatched quality in every frame.

Artisanal Collaboration

DITA frames: Crafted by up to 100 skilled artisans, ensuring meticulous construction and attention to detail.

Precision Manufacturing

Crafting a DITA frame takes up to 8 months and 350 steps, reflecting precision and excellence.

Competitive pricing

Competitive pricing on DITA Glasses at City Specs Opticians Manchester ensures luxury affordability for all.
Discover the artistry of DITA Optical Glasses, meticulously hand-crafted by master artisans with over 50 years of dedication to their craft. Blending traditional and modern techniques, each frame results in unparalleled beauty and quality.
Manufactured in Japan using premium materials like titanium and 18K gold, DITA glasses epitomize luxury and durability. Experience eyewear that transcends convention and inspires camaraderie among those who appreciate true craftsmanship.
Experience the sophistication of DITA sunglasses, offering bold frames and modern twists on classic designs. Meticulously crafted with a fusion of traditional and modern techniques, each frame undergoes up to 320 production steps over 8 months, showcasing unparalleled craftsmanship.
Made from premium materials like titanium and Japanese acetates, DITA sunglasses epitomise luxury and innovation, favored by celebrities and fashion connoisseurs alike.

Lens for DITA Prescription Glasses

Pair your DITA glasses frames with premium prescription lenses from Essilor, ZEISS, NIKON, or RODENSTOCK. Need help choosing? Contact us.

City Specs Opticians authorised retailer in Manchester

Established in 2010, we’re Manchester’s authorised DITA eyewear retailer, providing the latest in designer fashion and prescription eyewear. Discover DITA Glasses and Sunglasses at City Specs Opticians Manchester.