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Classic Signature "SELECTION"

Lotos Eyewear’s Classic Signature Selection epitomizes timeless elegance and unparalleled craftsmanship. Meticulously curated, each frame embodies a fusion of sophistication and style. From iconic aviators to chic cat-eyes, the collection harmonizes classic design with contemporary flair. Impeccably crafted with premium materials, every pair is a testament to Lotos Eyewear’s commitment to quality. Elevate your look with frames that transcend trends, showcasing enduring allure and a refined aesthetic. With the Classic Signature Selection, Lotos Eyewear ensures that every wearer embraces a legacy of enduring fashion and unparalleled distinction.

Model L-15B033
Model L-16P022
Model L-19D008
Model L-19G044
Model L-20D007
Model L-20V111
Model L-20V222
Model L-21D222
Model L-21D555
Model L-22G444
Model L-22R033
Model L-23D099 DEN W
Model L-23D099 DEN

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