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Discover exclusive glasses and sunglasses designers at City Specs Opticians in Manchester. From award-winning LINDBERG frames to luxurious Cartier hand-finished gold creations and bold, innovative styles from DITA and Tom Ford, our featured collections offer timeless elegance.

Explore iconic designs from Gucci, avant-garde options from ic! berlin and MYKITA, and fine tools from 999.9. Uncover the unique blend of timeless design and craftsmanship with EYEVAN 7285. Elevate your eyewear experience with precision, luxury, and innovation. Learn more about our glasses and sunglasses designers and our prescription glasses lens brands.

999.9 Four Nines

999.9, a Japanese eyewear brand, prioritises the concept “Glasses should be fine tools.” Four Nines emphasises fine comfort, durability, and easy adjustment for an impeccable fit. Explore more at our Manchester Opticians.


Shop Cartier’s luxury eyewear at City Specs Opticians Manchester, an authorised retailer. Elevate your style with hand-finished frames in 24-carat gold, palladium, platinum, ruthenium, and premium acetates. Available in prescription glasses and sunglasses.

Chrome Hearts

Chrome Hearts sunglasses and glasses incorporate stylish metals, from sterling silver to 22k gold, creating luxurious eyewear collections with innovations and designs. Explore the luxury eyewear at City Specs Opticians in Manchester.


DITA has redefined eyewear with luxury and bold frames and timeless shapes through innovative technology. With 25+ years of design expertise, DITA leads in optical innovation. Visit City Specs Opticians in Manchester for an exclusive experience.


Known for timeless design, EYEVAN 7285 blends archives, vintage eyewear, and artifacts into eyewear products. Skilled craftsmen create each piece, combining traditional and modern processes through about 400 steps. Explore more at our shop.


Explore Gucci’s women’s eyewear with bold-framed glasses and sunglasses, from aviators to cat-eyes. The men’s collection features classic aviators to bold Hollywood Forever styles. Experience luxury at City Specs Opticians in Manchester.

ic! berlin

ic! berlin eyewear embodies inner strength with screwless designs and unique materials. The handmade frames at our Manchester shop reflect a commitment to lasting quality and design, featuring innovative solutions and manufacturing techniques.


Experience exclusive Danish design with LINDBERG at City Specs Opticians in Manchester city centre. Renowned for award-winning, screw-free, ultra-light glasses frames, each LINDBERG piece is crafted with precision. Explore luxury eyewear today.


MYKITA Glasses and Sunglasses offer zeitgeist appeal with stainless steel, acetate, or MYLON construction. Refined aesthetics meet advanced technology, ensuring total defense from UVA and UVB rays. Explore at City Specs Opticians in Manchester.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford glasses and sunglasses showcase a sophisticated finish with the signature T detailing. This designer’s eyewear embodies minimalism, offering luxury and exclusivity. Experience original Tom Ford eyewear at our shop in Manchester.

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