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Explore premium glasses lens brands at City Specs Opticians in Manchester. Discover top brands like ZEISS and Essilor. Elevate your eyewear experience with lenses that offer optimal vision, protection, and style. Choose from trusted brands and enhance your vision at City Specs Opticians. Learn more about our glasses and sunglasses brands and our featured designers.


Explore ZEISS lenses at City Specs Opticians for superior visual care. Benefit from advanced technologies like Drivesafe, UV Protect, and Blue Light Filtering, enhancing your eyewear experience with ZEISS innovation.


Enhance your vision at City Specs Opticians with Essilor lenses, the globally recommended brand. Benefit from personalised solutions for vision correction, eye protection, and superior clarity. Experience lasting quality tailored to your lifestyle.


Nikon Lenswear, with over 100 years of experience, offers unrivalled vision through highly transparent, thin lenses with sharp designs. Benefit from uncompromised performance, unparalleled quality, and superior visual aesthetics for optimal eye protection.


Rodenstock is a renowned German manufacturer of high-quality eyewear and lenses, known for its precision and innovation in optical technology. With a rich heritage spanning over 140 years, Rodenstock continues to be a trusted name in the eyewear industry.

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