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Lotos Eyewear

Lotos eyewear is a German luxury eyewear company that has been in business since 1872. With over 150 years of crafting glasses that exude finesse and traditions. Lotos was founded by the Schmidt Family in Pforzheim, a south German city renowned for its jewelry and watch-making craftsmanship.
The city’s roots of jewelry craft have found a significant expression in elegant Lotos jewelry eyewear, which the nobles and royals of Europe have sought after for decades. Over time, the name “Lotos” gained recognition in the global luxury eyewear industry, leading to its fascination spreading far beyond the borders of Germany.
The essence of traditional craftsmanship is brought to life in Lotos eyeglasses, made prominent by the use of precious metals like gold and platinum to lend them an exquisiteness unchangeable by time.
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Eyewear with the timelessness of Gold and Platinum

Lotos eyewear is symbolic of the wealth of experience that has been perfected and passed
on for five generations.
In the world of luxury, the elegance of eyewear is judged by the grade of materials used in its making. Lotos has set for itself the highest standard in terms of quality and uses the highest-grade metals like 18k gold and platinum 950/000.
And while 18k gold needs no introduction, platinum is even rarer as a metal, found 30 times less commonly than the former. In addition to the obvious visual brilliance of gold and platinum, the metals also display unparalleled strength in terms of rigidity and stability.
Processing platinum to create eyewear is not an average procedure. It requires thrice the time than Lotos gold glasses and pristine craftsmanship, which is graciously accepted and welcomed at Lotos.
Lastly, platinum is also ideal for the setting of diamonds, which makes Lotos glasses a true luxury
in the traditional sense.

Glasses with a lifetime warranty

The founding philosophy at Lotos eyewear is “to make with care.” This is why every single eyewear – made individually in the Lotos workshop – is subjected to a diverse set of stringent quality controls before leaving their facilities.
It is only once the eyewear is tested on every parameter of comfort, quality, and finesse that a lifetime warranty is attached to it, reassuring the wearer that this masterpiece is meant to last a lifetime and beyond.
Everything about Lotos glasses far surpasses the average, signifying how they’re crafted only for the most sophisticated wearers.