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Zeiss Lenses

Choose from a variety of ZEISS lens options designed to address and correct your vision needs.

Explore our extensive lens portfolio to discover the ideal lenses that cater to your specific visual requirements. Whether you’re in search of City Specs, City Specs Opticians, or City Specs Manchester, our diverse selection includes glasses, sunglasses, glasses frames, and prescription glasses. Dive into a world of clarity and precision as you find the perfect match for your eyes with our high-quality lenses.

At City Specs, we understand the importance of finding lenses that not only enhance your vision but also complement your style. Our curated collection covers a wide range of eyewear options, including glasses, sunglasses, glasses frames, and prescription glasses. Dive into our lens portfolio to find the perfect solution for your visual needs. With City Specs Opticians in Manchester, you can trust that you’ll discover lenses that not only meet your vision requirements but also align with your personal taste and preferences.

Whether objects appear blurry in the distance or nearby, enhance your perspective on life by choosing from our range of single vision lens options.

Progressive lenses

Achieve seamless vision correction for all distances with a single pair of lenses, facilitating smooth transitions between near and far. Ideal for aging eyes, these lenses eliminate the need for constant glasses swapping.

Anti-fatigue lenses

Are you over 30 and experiencing eye fatigue? These distance glasses feature a boost at the bottom, designed to alleviate the strain of constantly shifting focus between your digital devices and distant objects throughout the day.

Office lenses

Crafted specifically for your work environment and extended screen time, these glasses serve as an excellent secondary pair, promoting better posture and providing a comfortable vision experience during your work hours.

Myopia management lenses

Various tailored options available to address the challenge of rapidly advancing myopia in children.

Leverage ZEISS technologies and tints for safeguarding your eyes.

Experience comprehensive eye protection with ZEISS technologies, addressing various lighting conditions such as UV exposure, blue light, and sun glare. Customize your ZEISS lenses according to your specific needs for optimal eye care.

City Specs, your premier destination for eyewear, offers a wide array of glasses, sunglasses, glasses frames, and prescription glasses. At City Specs Opticians in Manchester, you can find the perfect eyewear to suit your style and vision requirements. Elevate your eye protection with ZEISS lenses, ensuring a comfortable and shielded visual experience in any lighting scenario. Visit City Specs for a curated selection of eyewear that combines fashion and functionality, providing the ideal solution for your eye care needs.

ZEISS BlueGuard

Enhance your lenses with blue light filtering technology to combat the symptoms of digital eye strain. As an additional benefit, enjoy improved aesthetics with reduced purple reflections on your glasses.

ZEISS PhotoFusion X

Achieve clear vision and sunglasses functionality in a single solution with our self-tinting technology. Coupled with built-in blue light filtering, this lens provides an all-day, all-light optical solution.


Opt for ZEISS, and enjoy complimentary full UV protection. Our clear lenses feature ZEISS UVProtect technology as a standard inclusion, effectively absorbing harmful UV rays up to 400 nm before they reach your eyes.

ZEISS prescription sunglasses

Incorporate your eyeglass prescription into your preferred sunglasses. ZEISS offers the flexibility to mix and match sunglass lens tints and coatings, ensuring clear vision, protection, and style for any outdoor activity.

Explore ZEISS coatings designed to both protect and enhance your lenses. Discover effective solutions to maintain their cleanliness.

Empower your eyewear with superpowers by applying a robust anti-reflective coating from ZEISS. This durable coating not only enhances the longevity of your glasses but also minimizes reflections for a clearer vision. Elevate your optical experience further with ZEISS lens cleaning products, ensuring that your vision remains spotless and crystal clear.

For an extensive selection of eyewear, including glasses, sunglasses, glasses frames, and prescription glasses, visit City Specs. As your go-to destination for all things eyewear, City Specs Opticians in Manchester offers a curated collection that combines style and functionality. Enhance your glasses with ZEISS coatings, and keep them in top-notch condition with ZEISS lens cleaning products, available at City Specs for a comprehensive eyewear solution.

ZEISS DuraVision coatings

Steer clear of scratched lenses, grimy glasses, and bothersome reflections by incorporating a cutting-edge coating that shields your lenses. Not only does this high-tech coating protect your eyewear, but it also renders them nearly invisible, providing a clear and unobstructed view.

ZEISS lens cleaning solutions

Maintain the clarity of your new glasses effortlessly with our mild, secure, and efficient lens cleaning solutions. Enhance hygiene and ensure clear vision wherever you go.