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When tackling myopia, simply correcting your child’s eyesight today doesn’t ensure future protection, as myopia may persist and pose a potential threat to their long-term vision. Stellest® lenses, part of Essilor®’s cutting-edge solutions, stand out as the most effective option for addressing your child’s myopia, backed by clinically proven robust efficacy. Explore City Specs for a diverse range of glasses and glasses frames, ensuring your child receives comprehensive and reliable vision care.

Advantages of Utilizing a Blue UV Filtration System

Ultraviolet (UV) Shielding

Complete Ultraviolet (UV) Protection on the Front Surface

Peak Clarity

Maintain contrast and color perception without compromise.

Aesthetic of the lens

Experience optimal vision in all lighting conditions with an anti-glare coating.

Screen blue-violet light.

Triple the filtration capability, up to 3 times more.

Peak filtering and clarity.

Specially chosen molecules within the lens guarantee effective filtering of UV and blue-violet light while preserving color perception, ensuring your eyes are consistently at their best.

What makes the Blue UV Filter System the preferred choice?

A significant percentage of users would choose to continue using them.
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A notable percentage of users express contentment with their overall visual comfort.
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Discover the distinction of the Blue UV Filter System.

Explore the cutting-edge technology of our latest eyewear, meticulously crafted with specially chosen molecules embedded in the lens to safeguard and enhance your vision. City Specs Opticians in Manchester offers a wide selection of glasses, sunglasses, and glasses frames tailored to meet your optical needs. Visit us to experience the fusion of innovation and style, ensuring clarity and protection for your eyes.

Filtering of light

Discriminating absorption of ultraviolet (UV) and blue-violet light.

Peak clarity

The lens incorporates designated color absorbers to uphold the clarity of your vision.

Is it necessary for me to use glasses that filter blue-violet light?

Is it essential for me to wear glasses that effectively filter blue-violet light? City Specs in Manchester provides a comprehensive range of eyewear, including glasses, sunglasses, and glasses frames, designed to meet diverse optical needs. Whether for everyday activities or specific tasks, our eyewear options prioritize both functionality and style, ensuring you find the perfect solution to enhance your visual comfort. Explore City Specs for quality eyeglasses and sunglasses, and discover the difference they can make in safeguarding your eyes while making a fashion statement.
Light surrounds us, and exposure to UV and blue-violet light is inevitable, whether it’s from the sun or even sitting indoors by a sunny window. Regardless of your lifestyle, it is advisable for everyone to regulate their exposure to UV light. Ensure the optimal health of your vision every day.