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The final touch that enhances correction with protection. Every Crizal® coating features distinctive technologies and advantages, serving as an unseen shield to safeguard both your eyes and lenses.

Advantages of Crizal Coatings

Maximum UV protection

UV protection on both sides

Effortless lens experience

Resistant to smudges, and repels water and dust.

Improved visual satisfaction

Minimize bothersome light reflections

Elevated durability of the lenses

Enhance the scratch resistance of your lenses.

Your unseen guard against UV rays.

Crizal® coatings go beyond providing functional lenses; they deliver the utmost comfort for various lifestyles. Our lens technology ensures wearers experience a sense of uninterrupted ease and comfort.

What sets Crizal apart?

Nine out of ten Crizal® wearers express high satisfaction, compared to just...
Two out of ten wearers of generic coatings.
Years of groundbreaking innovation.

Feel the distinction of Crizal coating.

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Resistant to reflections and scratches, providing enhanced clarity and durability.

Your lenses are safeguarded through a blend of exclusive technologies.

Simple to maintain and clean.

Strengthened with a final layer on both sides of the lenses.

Which Crizal coating offers the most advantages for me?

Discover the Crizal coating that provides optimal benefits tailored to your needs. Whether you’re seeking enhanced clarity, durability, or protection,
City Specs Opticians in Manchester offers a range of Crizal coatings that cater to various preferences and lifestyles. Explore the selection of eyewear, including glasses, sunglasses, glasses frames, and prescription glasses, at City Specs Opticians to find the perfect combination of style and functionality for your unique requirements. Elevate your vision and style with Crizal coatings at City Specs Opticians.
You desire your lenses to maintain their optimal appearance in any situation. The Crizal® anti-reflective coating not only shields your vision from scratches and smudges but also diminishes front, back, and lateral reflections. Experience clear vision while maintaining a polished and composed look consistently. Explore the performance of Crizal® Sapphire™ HR anti-reflective coating for unparalleled results.
You’re in search of low-maintenance lenses suitable for all weather conditions. The ideal Crizal® anti-reflective coating seamlessly integrates water repellence, easy cleaning, UV protection, and resistance against scratches and smudges. Explore the exceptional performance of Crizal® Easy Pro anti-reflective coating for unparalleled convenience.