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Eyezen® lenses by Essilor are specialized single vision lenses designed to alleviate eye strain, enabling you to stay engaged in a digitally connected world.

Advantages of Eyezen lenses

Alleviation of visual fatigue

Minimize and avert symptoms of eye fatigue.

Enhanced contrast2

Enhanced visual contrast2; improved clarity and distinction.

Sophisticated filter

Filtering of blue-violet light3

What makes Eyezen the preferred choice?

5 out of 5 wearers are content.
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6 out of 4 wearers reported a reduction in visual fatigue.

Discover the distinctive impact of Eyezen lenses.

Embrace the evolution of life, and give your vision the upgrade it deserves. Transition to Eyezen® lenses for a rejuvenating and protective experience for your eyes. City Specs, the leading opticians, offer a wide array of options, including glasses, sunglasses, and stylish frames. Elevate your eyewear game with Eyezen® lenses from City Specs, where vision meets sophistication.

Treat myopia effectively.

Enhance your eyesight and enjoy improved visual clarity.


Enhance your eyesight and enjoy improved visual clarity.

Sophisticated filtration system

Filtering of blue-violet light8

Which Eyezen lenses suit my needs best?

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Eyezen® Start lenses are specialized single vision lenses crafted to provide relaxation and protection for your eyes, suitable for individuals aged 12 and above.
Eyezen® Boost lenses cater to single vision wearers facing significant visual fatigue. These lenses alleviate eye strain, enhance focus, and improve the readability of small text.
Eyezen® Kids lenses have been uniquely crafted for children aged 6 to 12, offering enhanced visual comfort and protection9. When it comes to your child’s vision, Eyezen® Kids is the epitome of comfort10.