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Linda Farrow

When Linda Farrow launched her eponymous eyewear brand in 1970, she was among the first few visionaries to categorise as fashion what most others considered a mere necessity. However, she couldn’t carry on her vision for long, as the brand came to an untimely end in the early 80s.
Twenty years later, it turned out that wasn’t the end. The brand was brought back to life in 2003 by Farrow’s son, Simon Jablon after he discovered some old glasses in his warehouse. Since then, Linda Farrow has been redefining luxury eyewear with its uncompromising style and a love for fashion that constantly pushes the boundaries of innovation and design.
From an ever-evolving range of eyeglasses to endorsements from renowned celebrities like Rihanna, Bella Hadid, Lady Gaga, and more, the brand is the epitome of modern luxury eyewear.

The Culmination of Vintage and Contemporary

Initially named ‘Linda Farrow Vintage’ in 2003 with vintage designs from the 80s, Linda Farrow re-launched straight from where Farrow had left the brand. However, the modern Linda Farrow glasses go above and beyond the traditional designs not only in style but also in quality and durability.

Where design meets durability:

Linda Farrow frames are beautifully crafted by experts with Japanese titanium or Italian acetate, both of which are known to make long-lasting glasses, thanks to their superior strength, flexibility, and corrosion and scratch resistance. Moreover, both these materials are hypoallergenic, making the frames safe for sensitive skin.

The perfect blend of luxury and comfort:

Linda Farrow makes the best of the two luxury metals— gold and platinum—by using their highest quality on the glasses. Frames are carefully plated with 18-22k gold, while a striking platinum plating on the lenses and temples gives the glasses a classy look. The nose pads and temple grips are sculpted with flexible titanium, ensuring a comfortable wearing experience.

Shapes that shape you:

The range of shapes available at Linda Farrow spans all the needs and desires of modern aficionados. From traditional Cat-Eye and Rectangular designs to the now-popular D-Frame and Oval lenses, the Linda Farrow eyewear range consists of over ten shapes that can redefine the way you look.

Collections for all:

Linda Farrow is popular for the amazing collection of frames it regularly produces. The brand keeps refreshing its unique collections to suit the specific facial structures and fashion inclinations of men and women.
The Linda Farrow men’s glasses comprise both generic and limited-edition collections that blend perfectly with the facial features of a man’s face. Similarly, the expansive collection for women has been beautifully crafted and curated with D-Frame, Oval, Round, and Oversized frames, among other designs popular among women.

Linda Farrow: Elevate Your Look with Timeless Eyewear

One of the most striking USPs of Linda Farrow as a luxury eyewear brand is its expansive range of collections apart from the generic range for men and women. The brand is known for its dynamic season-specific collections just as much as for its vintage eyeglasses.
The Autumn/Winter ‘23 collection is the latest in line. The eyeglasses in this collection are perfect for people ready to embark on their winter trips to exotic beaches under the sun, while the Linear Collection is for those who love classic designs well-suited for any time and location.
The Sustainable Collection is a special category of acetate glasses, especially targeted to nature lovers who prefer a plant-based, renewable material over regular plastics for their eyeglasses. Finally, the ICONIC collection consists of frames designed and crafted over five decades.