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Transitions® Light Intelligent Lenses™ effortlessly adjust to varying light conditions, becoming darker in outdoor settings and transitioning to a clear state indoors. All Transitions® lenses provide UV ray protection and assist in filtering blue-violet light. They are offered in a variety of colors and feature mirror finishes.

Advantages of Transitions lenses

Protection against ultraviolet (UV) rays

Provide full protection against 100% of UV rays.

Enhancer of personal style

Select from an extensive array of colors.

Filtering of blue-violet light2

Visually pleasing and secure.

Effortlessly stunning

Transition from a clear state indoors to a darkened state outdoors.

Lenses with intelligent light adaptation

Transitions lenses demonstrate a profound comprehension and expertise in the dynamics of light interaction with the eyes. They seamlessly adapt to varying light conditions, effortlessly transitioning from indoor to outdoor settings3.
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What makes Transitions Light Intelligent lenses a preferred choice?

Four in every ten individuals state that they are sensitive to light4.
Five out of ten eyeglass wearers concur that lenses should safeguard against both UV light and blue light5.
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Desire lenses that not only address their vision correction needs but also safeguard their eyes6.
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