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Around the age of 40, you may encounter difficulty concentrating on objects up close or reading in low light conditions. This condition, known as presbyopia, is a natural aspect of the aging process. Varilux® progressive lenses have been crafted specifically for individuals aged 40 and above, providing clear vision at all distances and smooth transitions from close-up to distant viewing.

Advantages of Varilux lenses

Clear eyesight

For every task, regardless of the distance

Smooth transitions

From close-up to distant and everything in between

Expansive visual fields

To relish your surroundings

Consistency of vision while in motion

For quicker adjustment with reduced distortions

Experience limitless vision with Varilux.

Varilux® lenses serve as your companion for achieving clear and smooth vision across all distances, empowering you to explore every corner of the world. Break free from limitations—choose Varilux® lenses and embark on journeys beyond your expectations.

What makes Varilux the ideal choice?

Progressive lens brand endorsed by eye care professionals1
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2 out of 3 wearers express satisfaction with the visual quality provided by their Varilux® presbyopia lenses2.
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Feel the Varilux lens distinction.

Introduced in 1959, Varilux® lenses stand as the pioneers of progressive lenses. Since that groundbreaking moment, we have consistently pushed boundaries to tailor our lenses to suit you, your eyes, and your lifestyle.

Tailored to your individual needs

Customized for you, offering up to 13 billion potential combinations.

Focused on the consumer

Since 19784, Varilux® lenses have undergone testing by over 12,000 individuals.

Continual innovation

Proprietary Varilux® technology, featuring up to 30 patents within a single Varilux® lens.

Which Varilux lens is the best fit for my needs?

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Your lenses should conform to your behavior, not the other way around. Encounter immediate sharpness even during movement5 with Varilux® XR series™ lenses, equipped with behavioral artificial intelligence.
Selecting the appropriate initial set of progressive lenses is crucial. Optimize your experience with easy adaptation and all-day visual comfort with Varilux® Comfort Max.
If wearing your presbyopia lenses is currently uncomfortable, but you require them more than ever, Varilux Physio 3.0 ensures effortless vision in all your activities, even in low-light conditions.