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Xperio® Sun Lenses extend beyond mere glare and UV protection, enhancing your vision with increased depth perception and improved color distinction as you venture into the world.

Advantages of Xperio Sun Lenses


Indulge in a diverse selection of frames and styles.

Visual comfort

Engage in activities under bright light conditions.

Protection from the sun

Shield your eyes from UV rays and screen blue-violet light.

Correction of vision

Explore Xperio® polarized lenses for improved contrast and enhanced comfort.

Glare reduction

Explore Xperio® polarized lenses for improved contrast and enhanced comfort.

The distinctive features of Essilor Xperio.

Xperio® offers an extensive collection of prescription sunglasses tailored to suit various activities and lifestyles. Whether you’re an adventure enthusiast, a fashion lover, a tech aficionado, a fitness devotee, or a passionate traveler, we have the perfect sun technology to match your preferences.

What makes Xperio Sun Lenses the ideal choice?

When selecting sunglasses, prioritizing style and protection is essential, but it shouldn’t come at the cost of vision correction. Opt for Essilor® sunglasses, where you can enjoy both fashionable designs and uncompromised vision clarity.
A considerable percentage of individuals requiring visual correction opt for non-prescription sunglasses.
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Discover the distinctive qualities of Xperio lenses.

Crafted to accommodate your specific prescription, Xperio lenses ensure you experience clear vision even in bright sunlight. City Specs Opticians in Manchester offers a diverse range of eyewear, including glasses, sunglasses, and prescription glasses, designed to cater to individual optical needs. Explore our collection for a perfect blend of style and functionality, providing you with the clarity you deserve while making a statement with your choice of eyewear. Discover the exceptional vision solutions available at City Specs and find the perfect pair that suits your unique prescription and style preferences.

Correction of vision

Accessible for both single vision and presbyopia correction.

Glare reduction

Experience improved contrast and heightened comfort through the polarisation technology of Xperio®.

Correction of vision

Safeguard your eyes from UV rays and screen out blue-violet light.

Which Xperio lenses suit my needs?

Discover the ideal Xperio lenses that cater to your requirements at City Specs Opticians in Manchester. Our extensive range includes glasses, sunglasses, and prescription glasses, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your unique needs. Explore City Specs for a diverse selection of eyewear that seamlessly combines style and functionality.
Whether you’re looking for fashionable frames or specialized prescription glasses, City Specs has the right solution to enhance your vision and complement your personal style. Visit us and experience the expertise of City Specs Opticians, where quality eyewear meets individualized vision care.
Polarized lenses minimize glare when driving in sunlight, promoting safer and more enjoyable journeys.
Opt for tinted sun lenses for excellent UV protection. Why limit yourself to just grey or black when you can explore a diverse range of color tints and mirror effects?

Highly recommended for outdoor sports in reflective environments, such as lush landscapes and the sea, polarized lenses are advantageous. By reducing reflections, these lenses enhance visual comfort and improve your perception of the surroundings, allowing you to perform at your best.

For exceptionally bright environments like the sea and snowy conditions, we suggest mirror lenses as they provide the highest level of protection.