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ZEISS Anti-fatigue lenses

While single vision lenses are widely used for vision correction, ZEISS Anti-fatigue lenses take them a step further by offering optimization to cater to your individual requirements. These lenses ensure that you experience clear vision across a broader range within your glasses. At City Specs, a leading optician in Manchester, we understand the importance of tailored solutions for your visual needs. Explore our curated selection of glasses, sunglasses, and prescription glasses frames, all crafted to perfection. Trust City Specs Opticians for cutting-edge eyewear that complements your style and enhances your vision.

Are you over 30 and experiencing fatigue in your eyes by the end of the day?

Has the transition from distant to close-up vision become a bit more challenging than it used to be?

Are you seeking clear, comfortable vision throughout the day at all distances?

Great news.

City Specs Manchester offers a diverse range of eyewear solutions tailored to various eyes, daily activities, habits, interests, and budgets. Whether you’re in need of glasses, sunglasses, or glasses frames, our collection caters to your unique vision requirements. Explore our selection of products to find the perfect single vision lenses that align with your lifestyle and preferences. City Specs is your go-to destination for personalized eyewear solutions in Manchester, ensuring you not only see clearly but also do so in style.

Close-up Transition effortlessly.

Small text and frequent changes in focus can strain your eyes. If you’re in your mid-30s or older, you may experience fatigue and diminished vision, particularly towards the end of the day. ZEISS SmartLife® glasses are designed to alleviate the challenges posed by our connected, on-the-go lifestyles.

Combat tiredness.

Featuring a spacious distance zone and a meticulously optimized near zone, ZEISS Digital SmartLife lenses provide your eyes with the support they require to effortlessly transition from far to close-up focus.

Customized clarity – within the frame you prefer.

Experience tailored visual precision with our customized clarity, all within the frames of your choice. At City Specs Opticians in Manchester, we understand the significance of individual preferences in eyewear. Whether you are in search of glasses, sunglasses, glasses frames, or prescription glasses, our diverse collection caters to your unique style and vision needs. Our commitment to providing top-notch optical solutions aligns seamlessly with ZEISS’s reputation for excellence, ensuring that you find the perfect balance of style and clarity at City Specs.

The dimensions and configuration of your SmartLife lenses are influenced by your chosen frame.
Utilizing ZEISS FrameFit®+ technology, your glasses’ vision zones are meticulously calculated, ensuring impeccable clarity exactly where you need it.
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An image slider showing a conventional lens on the left, with distortions in the periphery, compared to a premium lens on the right that has clear undistorted vision throughout the lens.

Intelligent vision for a lifetime

As your eyesight undergoes changes with age, considering a switch from digital to progressive lenses becomes essential. In ZEISS’s comprehensive SmartLife portfolio, featuring Age Intelligence, you’ll find lens optics meticulously adapted to each stage of life. Whether you’re in need of glasses, sunglasses, glasses frames, or prescription glasses, the diverse offerings at City Specs, City Specs Opticians in Manchester, ensure you age gracefully with the best from ZEISS. Embrace the journey of growing older with precision-crafted eyewear designed to cater to your evolving visual needs.

Explore the curated selection at City Specs Opticians, where ZEISS’s commitment to excellence meets a wide range of eyewear options. Elevate your style and vision with glasses that not only reflect the latest trends but also provide the comfort and clarity your eyes deserve.