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ZEISS Office lenses

While single vision lenses are widely used for vision correction, ZEISS Office lenses take them a step further by offering optimization to cater to your individual requirements. These lenses ensure that you experience clear vision across a broader range within your glasses. At City Specs, a leading optician in Manchester, we understand the importance of tailored solutions for your visual needs. Explore our curated selection of glasses, sunglasses, and prescription glasses frames, all crafted to perfection. Trust City Specs Opticians for cutting-edge eyewear that complements your style and enhances your vision.

Is your computer where you dedicate the majority of your time?

Do you experience eye strain despite wearing glasses?

Are you frequently troubled by headaches or discomfort in your neck and shoulders?

Let's alleviate the stress.

Experience improved comfort and posture during prolonged screen sessions with ZEISS Office lenses. Tailored for the workplace, these lenses ensure a comfortable visual experience on the job. Explore the range at City Specs, your go-to destination for eyewear in Manchester. Discover an extensive collection of glasses, sunglasses, glasses frames, and prescription glasses to meet your style and vision needs at City Specs Opticians.

Prescription eyewear for reading.

Reading glasses enable clear vision for close-up objects, yet they may necessitate leaning forward to read screen content, potentially leading to eye, neck, and back strain.

Progressive lenses

Progressive lenses offer a restricted field of view for intermediate distances, requiring you to raise your head to compensate. This adjustment can exert pressure on your neck and shoulders.

Prescription eyewear for viewing objects at a distance.

If you’re dealing with objects in close proximity, distance glasses may not be optimal. They can exert additional strain on your eyes, leading to discomfort and irritation.

Witness it firsthand.

Discover the enhanced ease ZEISS Office lenses bring to your daily work, providing relief for your eyes, neck, and back. Witness the transformative impact a lens can have on your comfort. Explore the extensive collection at City Specs, the premier destination for eyewear in Manchester. City Specs Opticians offers a diverse range of glasses, sunglasses, glasses frames, and prescription glasses to cater to your unique style and visual requirements.

Explore the world of prescription eyewear tailored for reading at City Specs. Whether you’re seeking glasses for reading, sunglasses, stylish frames, or precision prescription glasses, City Specs Opticians in Manchester has you covered. Our curated collection ensures a blend of fashion and function, providing a solution for every eyewear need. Visit City Specs for a diverse range of glasses and discover the perfect pair that complements your style and enhances your reading experience.
Experience the convenience of multifocal eyewear designed for a smooth transition between various vision distances. Whether you’re in need of glasses for near or far vision, our selection ensures a seamless and comfortable visual experience. Discover the versatility of these lenses at City Specs, where multifocal eyewear meets the highest standards of both style and functionality. Visit City Specs Opticians in Manchester for a comprehensive range of glasses, sunglasses, frames, and precision prescription eyewear to suit your multifocal needs.

ZEISS Office lenses: Tailored optics for office comfort.

What's the necessity for dedicated office eyewear?

If you currently use single vision or progressive glasses, they undoubtedly enhance your vision, particularly for daily activities. However, these may not be the most suitable option for the extended hours you dedicate to work each day. Consider this analogy: just as you choose different shoes for running or a cocktail party, specific lenses are optimized for distinct situations and environments. For example, there are lenses designed for driving and others tailored specifically for the workplace. It’s about finding the right eyewear to optimize your vision for the activities and settings that fill your day.