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ZEISS prescription sunglasses

Explore the world with clarity and style with ZEISS prescription sunglasses available at City Specs Opticians in Manchester. Our extensive eyewear collection includes a diverse range of glasses, sunglasses, glasses frames, and prescription glasses, ensuring that you find the perfect eyewear to suit your vision needs and fashion preferences. Trust in ZEISS precision for your prescription sunglasses, and enhance both your eye protection and style quotient. Visit City Specs for an exclusive selection of ZEISS eyewear, where quality and variety meet to provide you with the best in optical solutions.

Avoid the dilemma of having to pick between effective protection and clear vision outdoors.

Desire improved vision with your favorite pair of sunglasses?

Require specialized sunglasses for a particular outdoor pursuit?

Rest assured. We also craft lenses for sunglasses.

Explore a myriad of choices ranging from classic colors to light-responsive and polarized lenses for more active pursuits, all designed to provide improved vision, comfort, and outdoor protection. At City Specs Opticians in Manchester, we offer an extensive selection of glasses, sunglasses, glasses frames, and prescription glasses. Tailor your own distinctive prescription sunglasses with the quality and precision of ZEISS, ensuring a personalized blend of style and functionality. Uncover the perfect eyewear options to suit your needs and preferences at City Specs.

From sophisticated to eccentric.

Embark on a visual journey from pastel gradients to vibrant hues, seamlessly transitioning from the boulevard to the beach while safeguarding your eyes in a color that resonates with your style. Choose from over 50 on-trend options at City Specs Opticians in Manchester, where we offer a diverse range of eyewear, including glasses, sunglasses, glasses frames, and prescription glasses. For those seeking an exact match to their original lenses, we provide the option to tint-to-sample, ensuring your designer pair retains its distinctive look while enhancing your visual experience. Explore the possibilities at City Specs, where eye protection meets personalized style.

Elevate your eyewear with the allure of sunglass coatings.

Whether you’re aiming to improve your vision or infuse a touch of glamour, consider enhancing your tinted lenses with DuraVision Mirror and Flash Mirror coatings. Take it a step further with DuraVision Sun, specially designed to imbue your sunglass lenses with water-repellent, anti-static, and anti-smudge properties. This unique coating is engineered to extend the lifespan of your lenses, keeping them looking fresh for an extended period and ensuring easy maintenance. Elevate your sunglass experience with these advanced coatings, available to enhance both style and functionality.

Athletic eyewear for every expedition.

From the right shoes and top-of-the-line equipment to functional athletic wear, you invest significantly to excel in your favorite sports. However, what about your eyesight? ZEISS sport lenses, available in various forms and colors, can be customized to fit the sports frame of your choosing. Whether you need performance tints for enhanced vision in the sun or wrapped lenses for comprehensive eye protection from every angle, we are prepared to assist you in elevating your game. Prioritize your vision in sports with ZEISS, ensuring you perform at your best while safeguarding your eyes.

Auto-darkening sunglasses. From light to shade - effortlessly.

Experience the convenience of auto-darkening sunglasses available at City Specs Opticians in Manchester. These cutting-edge sunglasses effortlessly transition from light to shade, adapting to varying light conditions seamlessly. Explore our diverse eyewear collection, which includes a wide array of glasses, sunglasses, glasses frames, and prescription glasses. Elevate your eye protection and style with this innovative technology, ensuring a hassle-free and comfortable visual experience. Visit City Specs Opticians to discover the perfect blend of functionality and fashion in eyewear.

Smart shades in lively colors offer both style and function, combining intelligent design with vibrant hues to enhance your eye protection. Explore this fusion of innovation and fashion, ensuring a sleek and smart look for every sunny occasion.
Effortlessly shifting from subtle gradients to bold darkness, our lenses redefine elegance. Experience a seamless blend of style and function as they adapt to changing light, ensuring a sophisticated look and optimal vision in diverse environments.
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Achieving perfection with polarization.

Experience the advantage of polarized glasses, equipped with a specialized filter to effectively eliminate intense glare emanating from reflective surfaces like roads, water, snow, and ice. This makes them particularly advantageous for various outdoor activities such as fishing, skiing, and driving, where glare reduction is crucial for safety and visual clarity.

At City Specs Opticians in Manchester, explore a diverse array of eyewear options, including glasses, sunglasses, glasses frames, and prescription glasses. Choose polarized lenses to enjoy enhanced contrast and color perception, providing you with superior visual acuity and protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. Elevate your outdoor experience with polarized perfection, available in the extensive eyewear collection at City Specs.