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ZEISS Single vision lenses

While single vision lenses are widely used for vision correction, ZEISS Single Vision lenses take them a step further by offering optimization to cater to your individual requirements. These lenses ensure that you experience clear vision across a broader range within your glasses. At City Specs, a leading optician in Manchester, we understand the importance of tailored solutions for your visual needs. Explore our curated selection of glasses, sunglasses, and prescription glasses frames, all crafted to perfection. Trust City Specs Opticians for cutting-edge eyewear that complements your style and enhances your vision.

Shielding against UV rays extends to 400 nm, even within your transparent eyeglasses.

Enhanced vision for both close and distant sight, thanks to optics customized to suit your requirements.

Sleek and lightweight lenses for a stylish appearance and enhanced comfort.

Discover the possibilities with ZEISS reading or distance eyewear.

City Specs Manchester offers a diverse range of eyewear solutions tailored to various eyes, daily activities, habits, interests, and budgets. Whether you’re in need of glasses, sunglasses, or glasses frames, our collection caters to your unique vision requirements. Explore our selection of products to find the perfect single vision lenses that align with your lifestyle and preferences. City Specs is your go-to destination for personalized eyewear solutions in Manchester, ensuring you not only see clearly but also do so in style.

ZEISS ClearView

Monofocal lenses

An economical choice.

SmartLife by ZEISS

Monofocal lenses

Our most advanced and versatile solution.

ZEISS DriveSafe

Monofocal lenses

Designed for drivers – yet not limited to driving alone.

Your individual eyeglass prescription.

At City Specs Manchester, we provide monofocal lenses designed with a singular optical prescription to effectively address specific vision needs at a particular distance. For individuals dealing with farsightedness, our prescriptions often feature a plus (+) value, optimizing close-up vision. Meanwhile, those with nearsightedness receive prescriptions with a minus (-) value, enhancing distance vision. The corrective strength of these glasses is measured in diopters, where a higher numerical value indicates a greater requirement for vision correction. Explore our collection at City Specs for a wide range of glasses and glasses frames tailored to your unique vision preferences.

The plus sign indicates the need for close-range vision correction. A convex lens with a strength of 1.5 diopters will assist you in achieving clear vision for close-up tasks.
The plus sign indicates the need for close-range vision correction. A convex lens with a strength of 1.5 diopters will assist you in achieving clear vision for close-up tasks.
It indicates the presence of astigmatism, where CYL signifies its degree of severity, and AXIS indicates its specific position.
zeiss-single-vision-_conventional-sv_960x960 zeiss-single-vision-smartlife-sv_960x960
An image slider showing a conventional lens on the left, with distortions in the periphery, compared to a premium lens on the right that has clear undistorted vision throughout the lens.

Erase the awareness of wearing glasses.

Choose high-quality optics.

At City Specs, our selection of glasses and glasses frames includes single vision lenses that stand out for their unique optical designs and the exceptional clarity they offer across the entire lens, setting them apart even when prescriptions are identical. Experience personalized eyewear solutions that go beyond standard vision correction, tailored to meet your specific needs.

Enhanced lenses provide greater customization options, allowing for minimized distortions on the periphery without sacrificing thickness and weight. Opting for quality optics not only improves your vision but also enhances your appearance and comfort with thin and lightweight lenses.