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LOTOS Classic Signature "Engraving"

Lotos Eyewear’s Classic Signature “Engraving” collection epitomizes timeless sophistication. Meticulously crafted, each frame is adorned with intricate engravings, showcasing the brand’s dedication to detail. Elevating eyewear to an art form, these designs offer a unique blend of classic charm and contemporary style. The engraved patterns not only serve as a visual delight but also embody Lotos Eyewear’s commitment to individual expression. With the Classic Signature “Engraving” collection, Lotos Eyewear continues to redefine eyewear as a statement of personal elegance, where tradition meets modernity in every carefully etched detail.

Model L-15A111 V
Model L-16G666 V
Model L-18B033 V
Model L-20G888 V
Model L-21D007 V
Model L-21G033 V
Model L-21G111 V
Model L-21G222 VEN
Model L-22G111 VEN

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