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LINDBERG Buffalo Titanium

Unparalleled artistry at its finest. The buffalo titanium collection is meticulously crafted using an exclusive blend of buffalo horn and titanium.

the buffalo titanium assortment by LINDBERG

Our buffalo titanium range is meticulously crafted from an exclusive blend of buffalo horn and our distinctive titanium, resulting in stylish and exquisite eyewear.

Due to exceptional craftsmanship and robust technological expertise, we have achieved the creation of the thinnest, lightest, and finest horn-rimmed glasses the world has witnessed. A total of 152 in-house processes are employed to complete each pair of buffalo titanium, rendering them genuinely unique pieces of minimalist Danish design.

1846 H26/U9
1819 HTE26/U9
1827 H20/PU15

crafting comfort through titanium

The buffalo titanium collection by LINDBERG stands out as a unique offering in the eyewear industry. The LINDBERG in-house designers and engineers leverage their expertise in titanium to create a design that incorporates the best properties of both titanium and horn. This exquisite engineering is evident in both the titanium nose bridge and temples.

1859 H26/P10
1855 H18/GT
1823 H18/U9

Incorporating a titanium nose bridge serves several functions. It enhances the bridge’s stability, enabling more streamlined designs. The titanium arms of the bridge provide our buffalo horn glasses with a high degree of adjustability, coupled with your preferred choice of nose pads, offering an unprecedented level of comfort.

The titanium temples are meticulously crafted without the use of screws, showcasing an award-winning mounting technique. With the flexibility to choose your preferred temple length, we can provide you with the best-fitting buffalo horn glasses you’ll ever possess.
1851 H18/PU14
1843 H26/GT
1856 H26/10

Horn: an intriguing natural substance

Buffalo horn possesses remarkable inherent qualities, serving as an exclusive visual statement while maintaining the characteristic lightweight essence of LINDBERG designs. The natural buffalo horn complements all skin tones and, additionally, is gentle and friendly to the skin.

The front of buffalo titanium eyewear is crafted from laminated layers of horn, providing this natural material with increased strength and stability while eliminating inherent stress. This is why we exclusively utilize the finest sections of the horn for our buffalo titanium collection.

We carefully select each layer of every pair of buffalo horn glasses to find matching pieces - giving
every frame a unique look.

Our master craftsmen have used all their expertise to create a timeless and beautiful pair of
horn-rimmed glasses.

Due to the natural characteristics of horn, colors and patterns vary, making each buffalo titanium eyewear truly one-of-a-kind. LINDBERG horn-rimmed glasses become a personal design statement, and beyond that, every pair of LINDBERG buffalo titanium carries its very own unique number.

combinations of horn and titanium colors

H16 light brown + light brown
H18 medium brown + light brown
H20 dark brown + dark brown
H26 deep black + light brown
HTE26 shadow + light brown

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