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Children don’t need to compromise. Designs can be both stylish and comfortable, offering all the signature benefits of LINDBERG in 100% kid-friendly designs.

LINDBERG youth collection

Finding a pair of children’s glasses that are both practical and stylish is within reach. Kids don’t have to make compromises; they can enjoy both style and comfort with their eyewear.

All the distinctive advantages of LINDBERG glasses are tailored to be 100% kid-friendly. Kids lead vibrant and active lives—attending school, engaging in sports, playing with friends, and occasionally squabbling with siblings.

acclaimed eyewear

The collection has received numerous international design accolades for its outstanding design and functionality.

Children frequently put on and take off their glasses throughout the day. Hence, the flexibility, lightness, and durability of screwless designs are ideal characteristics for kids’ glasses. Another crucial feature is the hypoallergenic quality of titanium, ensuring that the glasses are gentle on the skin.

the appropriate design

LINDBERG places a significant emphasis on ensuring that the glasses cater to the child’s needs and seamlessly integrate with their facial features, becoming a natural part of their face. An excellent pair of kids’ glasses should accentuate the child’s adorable features. In curating our kids’ collection, we’ve revisited our stylish adult collections, carefully selecting and resizing models that are most appropriate for children. With dedicated designs tailored specifically for children, the collection is universally suitable for any kid.

1505 – AI09


Every child is unique and knows what they like – and don’t like. With the LINDBERG kids’ collection, your child can always choose any model in their favorite color(s) and get a frame that is one of a kind – just like your kid.

Visit the closest LINDBERG retailer and personalize your child’s new glasses collaboratively with your child and the local dealer.

Air Titanium Rim Kid – an authentic Danish design

The Air Titanium Rim Kid is a screwless wire frame crafted from our distinctive titanium wire. All designs are available in a wide range of colors, from the subtle silk matte grey tones to vibrant and playful bright colors.

Kids' glasses should look good and feel good.
The Air Titanium Rim Kid is available in both gentle round and sharp square shapes. The collection includes chic acetate inner rims for a more captivating appearance. These acetate inner rims also serve the functional purpose of concealing high prescription lenses. To ensure the perfect fit, all temple designs come in various lengths.

Acetanium Teen– eyewear that makes a statement, crafted for a lighter feel

Teenagers desire to express themselves through their attire. Teens who wear glasses daily recognize that their eyewear is their primary fashion accessory, and they’re unafraid to stand out by choosing a more expressive acetate design.

True to its name, the Acetanium Teen collection harmonizes the finest natural acetate with our distinctive high-quality titanium. It blends the expressive aesthetics of acetate with the adaptability and advantages of titanium. The collection presents customizable designs in various color combinations, such as trendy transparent, classic havana, or bold statement black.

We understand that appearance is everything for teenagers. However, that doesn’t imply you have to sacrifice comfort. To ensure your Acetanium Teen glasses fit perfectly to your unique face, you can select from various nose pads, front sizes, and temple lengths.

To emphasize the handcrafted quality of each piece, a unique product number is assigned. Additionally, as each pair is made to order, we engrave your name on your glasses, making them genuinely one of a kind.

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