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LINDBERG Precious stands as one of the most exclusive eyewear collections the world has ever witnessed. The exquisite designs are crafted from 18 ct solid gold, platinum, diamonds, and buffalo horn.

Crafted from solid gold and diamonds · meticulously handcrafted by LINDBERG goldsmiths


The elite LINDBERG Precious collection stands as one of the most prestigious eyewear collections globally. These exclusive glasses are crafted from solid gold in yellow, white, rose, and black gold, as well as platinum and buffalo horn. Discover the most beautiful designs, some of which can be adorned with top-quality diamonds for a truly luxurious experience.
2374 – RG
2518 – WG


Every single pair of LINDBERG Precious glasses is meticulously crafted by hand. Each piece in the collection is a genuine work of art crafted with the utmost attention to detail, providing every frame with the care and precision demanded by such luxury.

Thanks to innovative solutions, LINDBERG Precious frames are significantly lighter compared to similar products on the market, providing them with an elegant appearance and a comfortable feel. Achieving this level of craftsmanship requires a high degree of skill and know-how, which is why only in-house LINDBERG goldsmiths are involved in creating these beautiful pieces.

Cameron – H16/RG


Not any diamond will suffice. LINDBERG exclusively employs high-quality diamonds with exquisite clarity and color. The diamonds are meticulously handpicked for each and every LINDBERG Precious design. As exclusive options, we also provide pink, black, and rough uncut unique diamonds.

horn from buffalo

A distinctive element of the LINDBERG Precious concept is the distinctive natural horn front, meticulously crafted with temples in solid gold. The natural water buffalo horn material exhibits variations in the depth of color and pattern, rendering each pair of horn frames truly one-of-a-kind. These exquisite designs stand as some of the most exclusive creations within the LINDBERG collection.

limited edition Gemini – 18K gold
limited edition The Comet – 18K gold


As each piece is crafted to order, we have the ability to tailor the glasses to your face, providing you with not only luxury in appearance and material but also in comfort.

To emphasize the handcrafted quality of LINDBERG, each piece is assigned a unique product number. Additionally, as each pair is made-to-order, we engrave your name on your LINDBERG glasses, making them truly one of a kind.

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