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LINDBERG Strip Titanium

A contemporary design declaration, distinguished by its innovative utilization of titanium. The designs are not only well-crafted but also diverse in appearance.

the titanium strip collection by LINDBERG

Named for its incorporation of titanium strips, this collection features individual elements laser-cut from thin plates of premium-quality titanium. The result is a set of lightweight glasses with an impressive level of stability.

The strip collection encompasses all the advantages of titanium, being hypoallergenic, ultra-lightweight, and durable. Titanium strips are ingeniously employed to craft designs that are as well-crafted as they are diverse in appearance.

9752 U12/K204/GC77
9704 K250/U9
9760 K228/U16

contemporary aesthetics

The complete metal fronts in the strip titanium collection offer a sleek appearance with a design we confidently label as a contemporary design statement. The distinctive LINDBERG aesthetics, combined with the appearance of full-plate eyewear, have produced clean designs characterized by beautiful simplicity while still emphasizing the shape.

9644 U13
9556 PU15
9624 05

timelessly sophisticated

The strip collection also includes models with acetate upper bars, reminiscent of 50s eyewear fashion. This classic design has been reimagined and brought into the 21st century, offering customization possibilities through the LINDBERG building system.

9860 PU16/K175
9859 P10/K259
9855 K164/GT

levitating design

The semi-rimless glasses in the strip collection exude a polished appearance. The distinctive titanium upper bar imparts unique characteristics to the models, creating an almost floating aesthetic. The outcome is half-frame glasses that are ultra-lightweight, with a clean and refined expression.

7406 10
7380 U12
7426 U9

absence of screws or adhesives

LINDBERG’s award-winning technology in using acetate allows the delicate components to be mounted without the need for screws, adhesives, or other mechanical mounting techniques. This ingenious engineering achievement eliminates the bulkiness often present in comparable designs. The strip titanium designs, incorporating acetate, achieve a maximum visual impact with a minimal use of material.

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