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LINDBERG N.O.W. titanium

Achieving an ideal harmony between lightness and a distinctive appearance, our signature elements include thin composite fronts and lightweight titanium temples.

the titanium n.o.w. collection

The titanium n.o.w. collection achieves an optimal blend of expressive aesthetics and lightweight design through our distinctive elements: thin composite fronts and lightweight titanium temples.

6608 C10/GT
6585 C07/U9
6541 C04/35

The front of n.o.w. eyeglasses is crafted from premium-grade composite. This exceptional material offers a softer, translucent appearance with subtle transparent polished, semi-transparent, or matte colors.

6627 C21/GT

Through our pioneering techniques, we have achieved the production of an ultra-thin composite front, effectively optimizing the fibers within the material to maximize both strength and flexibility.

select your temple

The diverse range of multi-adjustable temple designs in the n.o.w. titanium collection is crafted from our distinctive high-quality titanium. This creates an elegant, minimalist contrast with the front and ensures optimum comfort.

6634 C19/P10
6628 C14/PU9
6630 C13/75

The exceptionally slender composite front, coupled with the ultra-lightweight titanium temples and screwless hinges, results in n.o.w. glasses weighing as little as 2.3 grams – nearly negligible. Additionally, it is hypoallergenic.

Discover your preferred shape and color.

The n.o.w. titanium collection features a broad array of stylish designs, ranging from classic round shapes with a slim front and double bridge to square designs with a larger front for an even more striking appearance.

6603 D16/GT
6627 C02/PU9
6612 C11/P60

All models in the n.o.w. collection come in an extensive range of colors. Whether you lean towards a transparent and clear aesthetic or a vibrant and visually striking design, the n.o.w. collection offers a diverse selection.

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