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LINDBERG Spirit Titanium

Spirit Titanium embodies strength and elegance, a symbol of resilience and sophistication in every aspect of its design and performance.

The Lindberg Spirit Titanium Series

The Spirit Titanium Collection embodies impeccable design, presenting frames that epitomize clean aesthetics. These glasses are perfect for those in search of absolute minimalism in eyewear.

The spirit hinge serves as the quintessential representation of the entire collection. With its minimalist design, it seamlessly complements any of our lightweight rimless frames.

What sets the spirit models apart in terms of appearance? These glasses have been meticulously crafted to leave nothing obstructing your face; moreover, they stand out as some of our lightest models. Striking the perfect balance of subtlety and comfort, these exquisite rimless frames can weigh as little as 1.9 grams, making them the epitome of ultra-lightweight eyewear.

Discover this fusion of style and comfort at City Specs Opticians, where we specialize in providing high-quality frames and prescription glasses.

2515 U16/EEU16
2264 10/GC77
2479 PU9/K24/P10/GC77

Personalize the timeless favorites

The Spirit Titanium Collection stands as an iconic choice in the realm of rimless eyewear. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, these designs can be tailored to perfection through our unique building system, ensuring a flawless fit for any face shape. This grants you the freedom to assemble the ideal piece for your style. Each pair is a one-of-a-kind item, crafted to order and meticulously hand-finished in-house.

Explore the world of customizable frames and prescription glasses at City Specs Opticians, where we specialize in delivering unique eyewear experiences.

2469 80/85
2460 70/75
2490 U12/U9/GC87

A significant attribute.

Temples constitute a crucial element in the construction of your rimless glasses. Our exquisite Spirit temples offer diverse options, featuring elegant titanium wire, expressive titanium plate, and vibrant acetate—all crafted without the use of screws. Explore a wide array of temple designs in a spectrum of beautiful colors, allowing you to articulate your unique style. Discover these customizable features in frames and prescription glasses at City Specs Opticians, where we specialize in providing personalized eyewear experiences.

2503 U13/EEU13/GC55
2260 10/GC71
2458 GT/PGT/ED

In the rhythm.

Enhancing your rimless glasses with groove color or tint is an excellent way to accentuate their shape. Opt for a lively groove color or make a bold statement with stylish tinted lenses. Select from our 24 diverse groove colors and infuse your personal touch.

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